Hello All! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amy Slavin and I am the social worker for HDSA Center of Excellence at UCLA and the HDSA Los Angeles Chapter. As an HD social worker, I am available to anyone who is experiencing HD, whether they have tested positive or at risk, are caring for someone with HD or have questions on how to care for someone with HD. As both the HDSA Center of Excellence at UCLA and the HDSA LA Chapter social worker, I work with families all over Los Angeles and the surrounding areas to help them find the appropriate resources in their area which are tailored to their particular needs. Many times people have questions and do not know where to turn. Often times I am the first person someone comes in contact with, within the HD world, and can provide direction and support to help them receive the help and care they need.

In addition, I run a monthly support group where people can come together to meet in person (or virtually, as we have been doing during the time of COVID-19) and offer each other support and a sense of community. The support group is a unique opportunity for individual's and families living with HD to feel recognized and understood. It is formatted to benefit anyone experiencing HD, regardless of one's genetic status. The support group is a two hour meeting, where the second hour is divided in to break out groups. One for those living with HD or at risk, and one for family and caregivers. The group also features guest speakers where members can have the opportunity to speak one on one with HD specialists such as neurologists, psychologists, lawyers, physical therapists and speakers for the CHDI Foundation.

I am an advocate for the HD community. Passionate about finding Long Term Care settings that have an understanding about HD, I travel to various Skilled Nursing Facilities through out Los Angeles and the surrounding counties to provide HD education and support to the staff.

Being that HD is a rare genetic disease, I understand the importance of my role as the Huntington's Disease Society of America social worker for the Los Angeles area. I strive to help people feel understood and valued and to let them know they are not alone, there are people and professionals out there that are devoted to helping them through their journey wih HD.

Amy Slavin MSW
HDSA Los Angeles Chapter Social Worker
Huntington's Disease Center of Excellence UCLA